Three Treasures of the Sandias 

 Three Treasures of the Sandias is a Sanbô Zen lay group practicing zazen under the guidance of Zen teacher Joan Rieck at Sandia Zendo in Albuquerque, NM.

In zazen, by turning the light of consciousness around and shining it inwardly, it is possible to awaken to the essence of Mind before thought.  This is the fundamental, liberating Zen experience: the recognition of our Original Face, our natural awareness, which underlies life and death.  The realization is accompanied by a feeling of deep peace of mind and an welling up of compassion for all beings, as well as the ability to better experience the immediacy of the moment without the distortion of intervening thought.  

The Zen way is open to all who have a sincere desire to try it. Persons of any or no religious affiliation are welcome.

For information on our zazen schedule, history, practice, teacher, and our location, please click on the tabs above.  Thank you for visiting. 


Please click here to read Joan’s “teisho” letter written in October 2015 for the Sonnenhof newsletter.